Computational Research Specialist

Coming from a software engineering and computer science background, I’m focused on creating research tools that combine the state of the art in machine learning, statistics and data visualization. My current research involves training artificial neural networks to answer questions related to drugs, targets and their interactions. I also work on creating interactive visualizations that help human neural networks answer similar questions.

Lab papers

  1. Deep learning from multiple experts improves identification of amyloid neuropathologies.

    Wong DR, Tang Z, Mew NC, Das S, Athey J, McAleese KE, Kofler JK, Flanagan ME, Borys E, White CL, Butte AJ, Dugger BN, Keiser MJ. bioRxiv. 2021 Mar 12.

  2. Adding Stochastic Negative Examples into Machine Learning Improves Molecular Bioactivity Prediction.

    Caceres EL, Mew NC, Keiser MJ. J Chem Inf Model. 2020 Dec 28.