Albert Young

Research Fellow (MS4) // medical program

Albert is a 4th year UCSF medical student interested ...

Ben Wong

Systems and Infrastructure Admin

Ben keeps the trains running and the GPU fans spinnin...

Daniel Wong

Grad Student // bioinformatics

Daniel studied Computer Science and Biochemistry at U...

Elena Caceres

Grad Student; NSF Fellow; HHMI Gilliam Fellow // bioinformatics

Elena graduated from UCSD with a B.Sc. in molecular b...

Garrett Gaskins

Grad Student; Genentech Fellow; Hillblom Fellow // bioinformatics

High-content screening across varied cells, condition...

Jacob Pfau, M1

Research Data Analyst; QBI Bold & Basic Fellow

My interests span the theory and applications of mach...

Laura Gunsalus

Grad Student // bioinformatics

I’m a iPQB bioinformatics graduate student interested...

Leo Gendelev

Grad Student; Fletcher Jones Fellow // biophysics

Leo came into the micro-world of molecules and cells ...

Luca Ponzoni, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Luca obtained his PhD in Physics and Chemistry of Bio...

Michael Keiser, PhD

Assistant Professor; CZI Ben Barres Investigator; Allen Distinguished Investigator // pharm chem; bts; bchsi; kifn; ind

Michael is a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Ben Barres In...

Nick Mew, MS


Coming from a software engineering and computer scien...

Will Connell

Grad Student // pspg

Currently, clinicians practice medicine on a populati...

Wren Saylor

Grad Student // bioinformatics

Wren studied general biology at Hampshire College. Sh...


Alexandre Fassio

Graduate Student // Federal University of Minas Gerais

Visiting CAPES Scholar, 2018-2019. Alexandre was a vi...

Amanda Li, PhD

Decentralized Consensus Fellow // Insight Data Science

Postdoctoral Fellow at UCSF and the Accelerating Ther...

Jizhou Yang, MS

Bioinformatics Engineer // Genentech

Data science intern, 2017-2018.

Ziqi Tang

Master’s Student, Computer Science // Georgia Tech

Visiting Research Scholar, 2017-2019. Ziqi was an und...